Occupy Melbourne


15 October, 2011


City Square
Treasury Gardens
Hearts and Minds



"On September 17, just weeks ago, people from all across the United States joined the social movement that has been spreading throughout the world against the blatant injustices perpetuated by the 1% (economic and political elite) whose actions affect all of us, the 99%. They spoke out, resisted and successfully occupied Wall Street, New York, along with more than 50 other cities in the United States.

Today they proudly remain engaged in non-violent civil disobedience while building solidarity based on mutual respect, recognition and compassion. On October 15 people in all corners of the world will unite in a global demonstration to claim our right to a true democracy and the power to determine our future." —


Dates and events



This list is Melbourne specific, you can see a more global list of resources at the worldwide portal

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