thumb|300px|right|PROTECT US Occupy the Movie is a documentary feature film work in progress with a flexible funding campaign at

An initial chapter of the movie, "PROTECT US ", has been published on YouTube and depicts the targeting of independent media by violent police at protests. The YouTube page offers the tagline:

5500 arrests of peaceful protesters in 90 days. 0 arrests of economic criminals in 3 years. Who are you protecting?

Its' flexible fundraising page offers a general description of the project:

OCCUPY THE MOVIE will document the Occupy movement's first year with gritty detail, while exploring its origins, purpose, and future. It will be like no other film you've seen, intercutting the dramatic handheld footage of protestors with candid interviews of the movement's leaders and enemies.

We will ask: What is the history of occupations? Who are the architects of the movement? Who are the allies and enemies? Where has it succeeded and failed? Can it make change, or will it be evicted? Most importantly, why Occupy?

On Sept 17 2011, the people organized and occupied the cause of the 2008 economic crisis: Wall Street. The mainstream called them a 'raving mob of anarchist lunatics hell-bent on destroying capitalism'. The reality is quite different however. Author Fran Lebowitz described the occupiers best: 'They're different from the sixties movement, because they want in!'

They demand positive, common sense changes for their country. They want a democracy where people, not corporations, write their legislation. They want a fair tax system and less government waste. They want Wall Street to take massive risks, just not with their personal savings, mortgages and tax-dollars. This, apparently, amounts to Class Warfare.

This is why we are making OCCUPY THE MOVIE: to cut thru the bias, blame, slander and lies, and give you the story in an entertaining, balanced and compelling way.

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