On January 28, a coalition of activists in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement planned to occupy a previously unannounced v

acant building and turn it into a community center for The People of Oakland.
J28 Oakland Police Baton

Oakland Police brandishing batons to protect themselves from mostly peaceful protesters.

thumb|300px|left|The Battle of Oakland

The City of Oakland, incensed at the audacity of activists to announce such a plan in advance, sent the Oakland Police Department out in full militarized force, turning a celebration of love and solidarity into a war on The People, eventually resulting in one of the largest mass arrests in Oakland history, involving a number of credentialed professional journalists.

thumb|300px|right|protesters cannot disperse..After Kettling protesters into a park at 19th and Telegraph, Oakland Police issued a dispersal order, which protesters clearly had no way of obeying. After some folks tried to break through a police line, OPD began to fire some sort of gas canisters, driving protesters to take a fence which seemingly serves no worthwhile societal purpose.

thumb|300px|left|Protesters escape through YMCA OPD claims that protesters attacked the YMCA building, charging many arrested inside with Felony Burglary, while in fact protesters begged YMCA employees and members to give them a safe escape route, which they did, for which they were charged with felony aiding and abetting.

"And then I got arrested in front of the YMCA." Bitmonk 08:16, February 23, 2012 (UTC)

Fuck that fence

Occupy Oakland protesters escape kettling at 19th and Telegraph through a fence.

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